05 October 2010

FIRST PLACE: Can Non-Muslims be Shar'ie Lawyer?

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Can Non-Muslims be Shar'ie Lawyer?
By Nadra Fatima binti Mannan, 1016122
In the era of modernization throughout the world in the race with a pace of ups and downs of globalization, there are many revolution and modification from a game of football, technology and even jurisprudence that have puzzled and systemized us in many years. Yet the conflict still exist which indirectly proportional to the rate of globalization as each day is triggered with a problem to be solved. Even Shariah law is not excluded from this progression as recently a case in Malaysia of non-Muslim Indian women challenged ruling that only Muslim lawyers are allowed to practice at Shariah Court which has make us ponder as could it be possible for such resolution towards the new reformation of Shariah law?

SECOND PLACE: Can a Non-Muslim Be Sharie Lawyer?

Lately we were shocked by the news from main stream media about the judgement made by Kuala Lumpur High Court which consent the judicial review (mandamus) to suit the application of Victoria Jayaseelee Martin, a Christian lawyer, who wants to be a Sharie lawyer. On May 14, she won approval from the High Court to challenge the rule. The date for the hearing is yet to be fixed. The judicial review is one of the branches of the court’s inherent jurisdiction. Based on the courts authority (refer to common law), to review the legal action made by the executive and legislative party, courts must make decision that either the statute is permitted or vice versa with our constitutional (constitutional in nature) or either the result concluded by executive party that rely upon particular policies which in line with constitution. On the other hand, the reason that had been used by this applicant to be Sharie lawyer is because ‘to uphold the justice’.

THIRD PLACE: Can a Non Muslim Mother have a Right of guardianship over her under age Muslim Children

“Can a Non Muslim Mother have a Right of guardianship over her under age Muslim Children”?
Written by:
Raihan Mustafa Kamal
Noorazwaa Sazali
1.0 Introduction
Mohd Ridzuan, 40, or Patmanathan a/l Krishnan, 40, a Muslim convert who used to be a Hindu, was reported to have converted his children -- Tevi Darsiny, 12, Karan Dinesh, 11, and Prasana Diksa, 1 -- to Islam on April 12 and applied for custody at the Syariah Court although their mother is still a Hindu.”


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