15 November 2012

Cancellation of Prof Aziz's Talk

Salam, due to unavoidable circumstances, we are very sorry to announce that we had to call off this event. Wallahua'lam.

But don't cry yet as although this programme is cancelled, there will be another programme, an Intellectual Forum on the issue of "Hudud In Malaysia: A Step Forward or A Step Backward?" on 21st November 2012. See you there! :)

p/s: Let's pray for a better academic freedom in IIUM.

13 November 2012

AIKOL Ibadah Camp 2012

So, you know how to read cases, you know how to moot, you know how to extract legal principles. Hrmmm... Is that all? How about your solat, your fasting? Is it as good as your legal skills? Come join us to find out! :D


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