28 January 2009

Aikol Football Championship

Football!!! The event that we have been waiting has come. Everyone is now eager for this programme especially the male student. Aikol Football Championship, formerly known as Aikol Champions League, is set to be one of the phenomenal and exciting events this year. Positive response from the AIKOLians shows that this pogramme is the most awaited one every year.

The programme was launched on 14th January 2009 by Dr Mohd Azam Othman. This year event consists 8 teams including one invitational team. It is scheduled to be held on 19th Januay 2009 until 15th February 2009. The grand finale will be held on 15th February 2009. May the best team win!! Let us pursue the glory!!

Anarchy FC

The Oranje FC

Sailang FC

The Galaxy FC

The Benchwarmers FC

King 7 FC

Hamas FC

Res Gestae

27 January 2009

Tunas Impian- Training for Trainers

Salam again!!

This programme was held on 19th January 2009 at SLEU near HS Cafe. Well, basically, this programme is one of the Tunas Impian sub programme which is meant to give basic and proper training for the selected trainers of the Tunas Impian so that they will always feel confident and courage in themselves when dealing with the children. Hopefully they are fully prepared when the time comes especially the females,haha..

The trainers..

Focus mode "on"..

I wonder what the speaker was trying to say..

25 January 2009

Quran At Heart

Salam everyone!!!

Recently, Da'wah and Tarbiah Secretariat of LAWSOC 08/09 has organised a programme named "Quran At Heart" on Wednesday 29th January 2009 and was officially launched by the Dean of AIKOL, Professor Dato' Dr. Zaleha binti Kamarudin. The main objectives are to attract the interest of AIKOL students in understanding and appreciating Al-Quran as the main guide throughout our life so that we can enhance the best inner qualities that we possessed.

The nature of the programme is that there will be groups consisting of several AIKOL students who are going to memorise selected Surah every week and being supervised by naqib ie huffaz among the AIKOL students. Therefore, I hope this programme will be a great turn-out and can achieve a huge benefit to all of us, Insya/Alllah.

"May we help you?"

The so-called "Handymen"

Recitation of Surah Al-Fath by one of the Huffaz

The Dean of AIKOL Professor Dato' Dr. Zaleha binti Kamarudin

the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs receiving token of appreciation from Lawsoc President 08/09

The advisor for the programme Ustaz A'bdullahi

23 January 2009

Tunas Impian-Ice Breaking


Sunday was supposed to be holiday to all students for them to have revision or so called "eye-resting" but not for some of us bcoz on 18th Januay 2009 we had this one-day programme.TUNAS IMPIAN is a programme organised by AIKOL in collaboration with a NGO named PEWANIDA,an organisation to help single mothers in raising their children throughout Malaysia. This is a one-year project so we still have a lot of sub-programmes coming soon and ice-breaking is one of them.

Basically*typical word* the aims of this sub-programme are to get along with the children and share some beneficial experiences. There a lot of photos taken during this ice-breaking so I only posted some of the good one.Enjoy...!!

"Adik- adik,sebetulnya abang sangat sayang kat korang semua..."

Listening the speech..

The young generation..

Trainer with his marvelous kids..

Cute-little trainers..

Heyy!! Look at the camera!!

"You all look so purple lah.."

Peace to all mankind..

1st place from behind..

"Where is the prize?"

2nd runner-up...

"Can you spot where the trainers are??"

"And here is our champion..!!"

All black..well almost..

Hugs and tears*huhu*

Thanks to all of the committees!!

P/s: for those who are interested for other pictures,please do inform me,Bro R'n'D..

20 January 2009

Gaza Under Siege

The main issue which is currently discussed throughout the world is the aggression of the Zionist against the Muslim in Gaza which sacrificed a great number of innocent people particulary infants,women and elderly. Therefore,this programme was first initiated to create a substantial awareness among the AIKOLian concerning the issue of Gaza. It was held for one week starting from 6-12 January 2009. RM1 Campaign was also done and at the end of the day we managed to collect the total donation amounting more than 5,000RM. We would like to thank to all students of AIKOLians for their great support.

Enjoying the meal for Iftar..

Still have time for a shot..

the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs with Lawsoc President 08/09..

the speaker of the night..

Solat Hajat..

Bai'ah Ceremony

Now,the day that we all are waiting for has arrived!! We had our Bai'ah Ceremony on 9th January 09 though some of us were not feeling well on that day*including me myself*, the scene has to moved on. It was the day for all EXCO members of Lawsoc 08/09 taking part for the bai'ah session. At first instance, we were proud to be appointed but later we realised the duties and burdens vested are unimaginable at all.. So wish all the best to the new tenure..Gambate!!!

As if they are getting ready for a dance...

Female EXCOs..

"Everyone,take your position.."

"And finally action..!!"

Up(left to right): Nora, Dila, Mas, Raden, Waqi, Ain, Izyan Hazwani
Bottom(right to left): Aishah, Arasy, Ahmad, Asyraf,Che Ma, Izyan, Kak Mar

19 January 2009

Group Binding

1,2,3 and smile..!!!

Look so eager to start the game...

"Guys!!watch the steps...!!!"

Those chicken look so tempting..


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