19 March 2009

Talk on Maulud Nabi "Malu Rasanya Mengatakan Cinta"


This was the last programme organized by LAWSOC 08/09 in conjunction with Maulud Nabi Peace Be Upon Him which was held on 12 March 2009 at Main Audi IIUM. The speaker on that night was Ustaz Nabil Ahmad Far East who was outspoken with his talk and win the heart of the audience attending on that night. There was also a special performance by INTEAM and in fact massive crowd filled up every seats available at the Main Audi just eager to watch their performances. What a great performance it was!!

18 March 2009

Maulidurrasul Charity Night

Salam Everyone!!

In conjunction with the Maulud Nabi Peace Be Upon Him, a programme called Malam Amal Kerasulan was held on 9th March 2009 at KAED AUDI to commemorate the birth of our beloved Prophet. There were special performances by Dato' Hj Hassan Bin Hj Azhari and Syababul Islam of Brunei who performed Tausyeh on that night and it was in fact a great one as well as performance by children of a foster home. Lastly, I congratulate to all of the committees of the programme and everyone for their huge support of this religious event.

17 March 2009

Pilihan Da'ie Kecil (PILDACIL)

Salam Everyone!!

Firstly, i would like to take this opportunity to say Happy Celebration on Maulud Nabi Peace Be Upon Him. In conjunction with this celebration, a programme named PILDACIL was held by LAWSOC 08/09 in collaboration with Mahallah Safiyyah and this sort of programme was the first ever being organised in IIUM. PILDACIL is basically a programme whereby a young child stands in front of the public and conveys a sermon with a convincing manner. Many students from various religious schools participated for this event. From this event, I hope there will be more of our young lads do come forward and become one of the greatest daie in the future, Ins/Allah..

16 March 2009

Integration Between Internationals & Locals- Problems & Solutions

Salam everyone!!!

All of us are aware with the main problem that we have been facing from the first year of study in IIUM is the integration between local and international students. To respond with this issue, a programme was organized by the Public Relation Secretariat of LAWSOC 08/09 at AIKOL Moot Court on 26th February 2009. A few speakers were invited on that day to highlight this problem and provide the best solution based on their experiences and ideas. Here are few shots taken during the programme.


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