28 August 2009

Mawaddah Day 6

Salam and Ramadhan Karim to everyone!!!!

Mawaddah Day 6 has finally arrived!!! In conjuction with the month of Ramadhan, Da'wah and Tarbiyyah Secretariat of LAWSOC 08/09 have organised this event on 25-26th August near the Moot Court. The programme started with the Grand Iftar and continued with Maghrib Isya' and Tarawih congregational prayer as well Qiamulail and ended with Sahur and Subuh congregational prayer.Great number of participants have attended the programme including lecturers and I am looking forward for the next Mawaddah Day.For now, bye!!!


Enjoying the Iftar

Congregational prayer

Listening to the Tazkirah

Tazkirah conducted by Bro. Asyraf President of LAWSOC 08/09

22 August 2009

Forum on Equality in Islam: Are Muslim Women Left Behind??

Salam peeps!!

Last Thursday night before the coming of Ramadhan, we had a forum organised by the Presidential Secretariat of Law Students' Society 08/09. Among the panelists invited was YB Senator Puan Hajah Mumtaz Md Nawi (Senate Member DUN Kelantan), Dr Shamrayu Abd Aziz (Constitutional Expert) and Bro Wan Ahmad Faysal Wan Kamal (Student Representative). The main topic of discussion on that night was concerning the position and rights of Muslim women in the light of modern day. Hopefully, we can gain ample knowledge and benefits from this programme.

Sis. Masyitah representing for SRC

Dr.Shamrahayu Abd Aziz

YB Senator Puan Hajah Mumtaz Md Nawi

Bro Wan Ahmad Faysal Wan Kamal

20 August 2009

Ramadhan Karim

Law Students' Society 08/09 would like to wish Ramadhan Karim to all muslims particularly the AIKOL students and do not forget to perform Tarawih prayer,hehe..

Abu Huraira related that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: Whoever fasts during Ramadan with faith and seeking his reward from Allah will have his past sins forgiven. Whoever prays during the nights in Ramadan with faith and seeking his reward from Allah will have his past sins forgiven. And he who passes Lailat al-Qadr in prayer with faith and seeking his reward from Allah will have his past sins forgiven (Bukhari, Muslim).

17 August 2009

Mooters V Debaters & Others???

Salam to all readers!!!

The AIKOL FESTIVAL 09' has ended marvelously and now, the momentum has cooled down but yet the show must goes on. For the first time ever, Law Students' Society 08/09 has organised a programme named " Mooters V Debaters & Others???" last Thursday at the Moot Court. One of the main objectives of having this sort of programme are to introduce,promote the soft skills of AIKOL students in debating, mooting and others.

Using the theme " We care, We share", Law Students' Society 08/09 under the Moots & Legal Skills Secretariat has gathered seven different well-established students' societies and clubs, which have contributed a lot and achieved numerous awards, comprising of IIUM Mooting Team, National Client Counseling Team, Alternative Dispute Resolution's Society (ADR),Tan Sri Ahmad Ibrahim Legal Research Group(TAILERAG), English Debating Club, Malay Debating Club and also Arabic & Public Speaking Club. All of the speakers invited on that night are represented by AIKOL students who have participated and become members for quite some time. From this programme, it is hoped that it will create a new interest particularly in the souls of fresh and young students.

Feel free and do not hesitate to join these clubs at anytime!!!

Representative from Malay Debating Club

IIUM Mooting Team's representative

ADR Society

Speaker for the English Debating Club


National Client Counseling Team

Arabic Debating & Public Speaking Club

Law Community Sport Carnival

Salam peeps!!!

This was the last programme of AIKOL FESTIVAL 09'. As usual, this was an annual event whereby all law schools around Malaysia were invited to participate and compete in various sports such as futsal for both male and female, netball and volleyball. It was held at the Female Sport Complex starting from the early morning and ended at the afternoon followed by the closing ceremony of AIKOL FESTIVAL 09'. Congratulations to all AIKOL participants who had won and also to the central committees of AIKOL FESTIVAL 09' for the huge success of this year's festival. Well, we all gonna' miss this annual festival and I am looking forward for next year's festival.For now, bye everyone!!!

3rd place AIKOL team

Futsal final

12 August 2009

Legal Theatre- "Truth or Dare"

Salam peeps!!!

This was the first time a legal theatre was organised for AIKOL FESTIVAL 09' which was held at the Main Audi. From my point of view, it was a great success and this event had attracted a huge crowd not just the AIKOL students but also students from other Kulliyyahs. The storyline of the legal theatre tells two different lawyers and their life as a legal practitioner with full of temptations and barriers. What an outstanding performance it was!!!!

11 August 2009

National Law Students' Colloquium Theme-Constitutional & Political Prestiges

Salam everyone!!!

This would be a second academic programme which was organised during the AIKOL Festival 09' and it had been a tradition for the past few years. This event gathered students from various law schools from all local universities and colleges together with academician, legal practitioner, and NGO bodies in a one day seminar. For this year, AIKOL FESTIVAL has invited well-known speakers such as Prof. Dr Abd Aziz Bari(IIUM), Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi(UITM), Mr. Khaw Veon Szu(Executive Director of SEDAR Insitute), Mr. Jayaseelan(Advocate & Solicitor), DSP Mahfuz b Dato Abdul Majid(Crime Scene Investigation Department PDRM) and Mr. Yusri Mohamad (former President ABIM). The Colloquium mainly focused on the current legal issues, constitutional problems and others.

Launching the NLSC

Handing over the poster of the event


DSP Mahfuz b. Dato Abdul Majid

Mr. Yusri Mohamad

Students from various law schools

Speakers for the afternoon's forum

Prof. Dr Abd Aziz Bari

In Person with Prof. Harry Roque

Hello peeps!!!

After having all the excitement from the various programmes held for the past few weeks, AIKOL FESTIVAL 09' also has not forgotten to organise an academic programme which had been a tradition for the previous years. For this year's programme "In Person with..", AIKOL FESTIVAL 09' proudly invited a well-known and international speaker, Prof. Harry Roque, an expert of International Humanitarian Law. This would be the first time an international speaker was invited for the AIKOL FESTIVAL to give a talk on issues relating to armed conflict. A great opportunity must be grabbed by the AIKOL students!!!

The distinguished guest

Moderator for the talk, Prof. Abdul Ghafur Hamid

Prof. Harry Roque answering questions during the Q & A session

One of the audience posted question to the speaker

Nusantara Cultural Night

Salam everyone!!!!

Nusantara Cultural Night, would be said, was the main highlight of AIKOL FESTIVAL 09'. This programme was held on Thursday 6th August 2009 at Main Audi. Special performance from Opick, an Indonesian artist who performed and sang numerous religious songs which stunned and touched the audience that night. Overwhelming reception was anticipated as all the tickets were sold out. there were also other performances from Dewangga Sakti, Poetry Club, In-Team and Devotees.Two thumbs up for that event and congratulation to the all- committees of the said programme who have worked hard to turn that night into a great success.

Honourable guests invited for the Nusantara Cultural Night

Vocalist of Dewangga Sakti

Dewangga Sakti was invited to perform on that night


Comittees for the said programme were invited to come up on the stage singing together with Opick


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