27 February 2009

Aikol Football Championship- Final Stage


It's been a while when I last updated this blog.Firstly, i'm sorry since I was late to create post for the Aikol Football Championship Final Stage because I just got these pictures this week. Back to our main topic, the final match was held on Sunday 15th February 2009 at Saidina Hamzah Complex between Oranje and Res Gestae. The game was so intense and the fans particularly Aikolians were drawing up attention with their huge moral support to their beloved teams. The game ended with Res Gestae crowned as the champion with the scoreline of 4-2.

There were also a friendly match between lecturers and graduating students,who were outmuscled with 3-0, together with prize giving ceremony for The Aikol No Sweat Challenge. Congratulations to the winners and the committees for their relentless effort!!

Guests of honor

A superb catch!!


Newly-crowned champion

The committees

1 comment:

  1. salam

    My Anr LAWSOC exco...you have done such a good job!

    Congrats also to man of the match!



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