12 September 2009

Mawaddah Day 7

Salam everyone and Ramadhan Karim!!!

Last Wednesday Da'wah & Tarbiyyah Secretariat 08/09 organised Mawaddah Day 7 at the Moot Court foyer. It turned out that More than 200 students attended the programme which I honestly did not expect somehow. After the Iftar we had Khatam Al-Quran and Tarawih and lastly multimedia presentation. This would be the last programme organised by Da'wah & Tarbiyyah Secretariat 08/09 and hopefully more and more beneficial programmes would be held in the future.Insya Allah...

Former Deputy Dean of Student Affair also attended the programme

Huge crowd waiting for Iftar

Female students with the lecturer

President of LAWSOC 08/09 presenting Al-Quran to one of the Naqibs

Tazkirah by Bro. Fahmi

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