28 December 2010

UPCOMiNG EVENT...for this week

how are you guys, hope all of you in the good health and in the blessing of Allah SWT.
without noticing it, it was already the third week of the semester..
there were many thing we had done that make us forgot what happen around Aikol..but rest for assured because we try to update the news..
please take note that all tutorial classes  start by this week.
Let refresh what we had done in past two week . For your information, Lawsoc had  already conducted two programs,
-Mass Gathering for subcommittee and group binding for Lawsoc excoes..
and we also had finished our Almanac and waiting for approval.
-today 28/12/2010, we will have Baiah ceremony, this programs is compulsory to all Lawsoc  Excos, this program will be held at executive meeting room at 2pm. At night we will depart to Seri Pentas for 'Halaqah' program. if anyone interested to joint please come to our office and but it is limited to 30 person only. first come, first serve..
We at Lawsoc try our best to meet the need of Aikolian but within our limit...
if you have and suggestion, don't hesitate to drop by our office..
there were many people suggest we update our blog..insya Allah, we try our best...
May Allah bless us...

*try to upload group binding picture hehe...

~best regard~

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