19 March 2011


As one of the efforts to meet the international standard and strengthening the Islamic brotherhood among the students, the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws, International Islamic University Malaysia (AIKOL) in cooperation with another university established a student exchange programme. The student exchange programme is an effort to encourage the formation of an international academic nuance in the AIKOL itself.
This programme is proposed for law students of IIUM to experience, acknowledge and increase their knowledge of the legal systems of Malaysia and the other countries as well. Furthermore, this program aims to introduce the reality of laws and legal system that exist outside Malaysia.
Previously, the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws had successfully organized Student Exchange Programme 2011 between AIKOL and Fakultas Hukum, Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), Yogyakarta. It was held from 19th January 2011 untill 15th February 2011.
The main objective of this programme is to promote AIKOL as a centre of excellence for unique legal education. In conjunction with this programme, there are many activities designed for the purpose of sharing, exposing and introducing the students about the possible legal networking available for them as a law student. Among the activities designed are:

  1. ·         Welcoming Ceremony
  2. ·         Sessions with Prof Dr Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod, Deputy Rector (Student Affairs), IIUM
  3. ·         Sessions with Student Bodies (EXPLORACE)
  4. ·         Sessions with Dr Iqbal
  5. ·         Sessions with Dr Zaid
  6. ·         Public Lecture by Dr Rusli, Dean, Faculty of Law, Universitas Islam Indonesia
  7. ·         Public Lecture by Raja Badrol Hisham Raja Mohd Ali
  8. ·         Public Lecture LPU
  9. ·         Educational Visit to Legal Firm ( Azmi & Associates)
  10. ·         Educational Visit to Parliament
  11. ·         Educational Visit to Attorney General’s Chambers
  12. ·         Educational Visit to Syariah Court, Shah Alam
  13. ·         Educational Visit to State Legislative Assembly, Shah Alam
  14. ·         Homestay @ Tanjong Karang
  15. ·         Jom Balik Kampung (Terengganu)
  16. ·         International Conference
  17. ·         Visit to Putrajaya
  18. ·         KL Tour
  19. ·         Picnic @ Broga Hill
  20. ·         Sports Day Carnival
  21. ·         Farewell Dinner
  22. ·         Closing Ceremony

The management committees of Student Exchange Programme 2011 would like to express warmest gratitude and appreciation to all parties who contributed directly and indirectly towards the success of this programme. 

Prepared by:
Students Exchange Programme 2011

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