17 December 2011

...in memory of LAWSOC 2010/2011.

With the final remark made by Mr. President, Bro. Izzat Emir Hafidz Rohizan on 15th Dec.2011 at Lawsoc's AGM finally Lawsoc IIUM 2010/2011 tenure being officially dissolved and will be replaced with new tenure by the end of the year 2011.

THANK YOU for all main committees, sub-committes, Aikol Fest 2011's committees, AIKOL community, IIUM community as well as outsiders who had lend their support for our events and your co-operation. On behalf of former office, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences and shortcomings  
May Allah s.w.t bless us and reward us for the works done.

We also wish that AIKOL students will cast their vote for upcoming election for 
LAWSOC 2011/2012 tenure. All the best for candidates esp. for the chair of President.


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