18 May 2012

On Irshad Manji

Speaking on behalf of the Law Students' Society IIUM, I would like to mention that it is not of our interest to be involved in any attempt to invite Irshad Manji to any event whether it is under our jurisdiction or not. We can see that many of the things that she is fighting for are not in line with the mission and vision of this society.

However in case of any quarters had decided to have her in their program, we shall respect their right to do so as everyone has their own preferences.

We strongly condemn the use of force, violence and vulgar words in opposing her presence anywhere around the globe. Ideas, regardless of how stupid it is, should be explained with words, not with fist.

We strongly believe that dialogue, in a controlled surrounding with specified audience is the better way to confront this kind of issue.

Fuad Syazwan Ramli
Law Students' Society IIUM 2011/2012

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