13 February 2013

Dissolution of the Law Students' Society 2011/2012

Alhamdulillah, with the closing remarks by the President, the Law Students' Society IIUM 2011/2012 is now officially dissolved. Thank you for all your supports :)

Thank you Mr Chairman. Fellow excos, students and friends.

Alhamdulillah, all praise be to Allah who had given us the gift of Iman and had given us the opportunity to live in this world.

The Law Students' Society of IIUM 2011/2012 was officially endorsed on the 8th of March 2012. As a program-oriented society, our main focus is in organizing programme. Since the endorsement, we had been organizing many programmes to cater to various needs of the AIKOL community especially in aspiring for professionalism & solidarity.

Dear friends,

The Law Society started as a group of strangers assembled together under one roof with the same goal which is to serve the AIKOLians. Regardless of our differences, we manage to sit together in assisting each other to give the very best to the whole community. One for all, and all for one. And in giving the best, we also received many supports and assistance from our friends, especially the students of AIKOL whom had provided us with suggestion, criticism, moral support and many more. Indeed, without the support from the grassroots, surely we will never be able to achieve anything.

Throughout the tenure, there had been many ups and downs. All the challenges that we faced, helped to strengthen our commitment towards this sacred goal. In fulfilling this Amanah, it is very important for us to be sincere and to purify our intention which is to serve Allah. People may forget what we had contributed to them. People may not remember our kindness to them. But fear not as Allah never forget and InsyaAllah, we will receive something of equal, if not better, in value compared to what we had done, provided that we are sincere in our actions. Our job, our task is not to please everyone but to please Him alone. When Allah is pleased with us, the whole world will look up to us.

To all future Excos of the Law Students’ Society who may be present in this esteemed Moot Court, I wish you the best and for all the errors and mistakes that we had done, please learn from it and improve the performance of the society.

Dear friends,

This journey as the Excos of Law Students' Society is indeed a very long and windy road. Nevertheless, we are now at the end of the road. All the smiles, all the laughters, and all the cries are now a part of our history. On behalf of all the Exco members, I would like to apologize for any short comings, any mistakes done either intentionally or unintentionally. May Allah forgive us for all our weaknesses.
With that I as the President, hereby call for the dissolution of the Law Students' Society IIUM 2011/2012.

Thank you.

"Aspiring professionalism & solidarity"
Fuad Syazwan Ramli
Law Students’ Society IIUM 2011/2012

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