30 March 2010


We are but guests with our families,
Staying for a while, and leaving them.
Wealth and families are but trusts.
Inevitably, one day trusts will be recalled.
The sons of this life will all part
To meet together again in the hereafter.
Happiness and sorrow; gathering and parting;
Difficulties and easiness; and illness and good health.

Offering condolences, we trust not living long
The manners of this religion we follow along
The consoled and the consoling may live today
Tomorrow though, they‘ll vanish away
We die and live every night and day
One day we will die and move away

Life is but a ship afloat
We think it's still, but running is the boat
While alive, your life had lessons, reminders and admonition
Today, your death gives us the most important lesson.

Firdaus B. Ismail

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