19 March 2009

Talk on Maulud Nabi "Malu Rasanya Mengatakan Cinta"


This was the last programme organized by LAWSOC 08/09 in conjunction with Maulud Nabi Peace Be Upon Him which was held on 12 March 2009 at Main Audi IIUM. The speaker on that night was Ustaz Nabil Ahmad Far East who was outspoken with his talk and win the heart of the audience attending on that night. There was also a special performance by INTEAM and in fact massive crowd filled up every seats available at the Main Audi just eager to watch their performances. What a great performance it was!!


  1. salam.

    Thank you to rnd for such a wonderful post for da'wah and tarbiyyah programs. i pray that i will do my best for Aikolians. Da'wah & Tarbiyyah untuk semua =)

  2. em..not to forget to mention my warmest grateful and thankful to this program manager, br.husaini and his team

    ust. nabil for your inspiring talk...jazakallahu khairan kathira

    inteam for such a beautiful song of 'pemergianmu'.you have moved my heart!

    all committees -central and dnt- tq so much

    my lawsoc family for the support!

    my president of lawsoc for his dedication to encourage dnt all the way to this last dnt programme in this semester

    everyone...jazakumullahu khairan kathira..




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