18 March 2009

Maulidurrasul Charity Night

Salam Everyone!!

In conjunction with the Maulud Nabi Peace Be Upon Him, a programme called Malam Amal Kerasulan was held on 9th March 2009 at KAED AUDI to commemorate the birth of our beloved Prophet. There were special performances by Dato' Hj Hassan Bin Hj Azhari and Syababul Islam of Brunei who performed Tausyeh on that night and it was in fact a great one as well as performance by children of a foster home. Lastly, I congratulate to all of the committees of the programme and everyone for their huge support of this religious event.

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  1. salam to Aikolians

    Program ini adalah antara program yang begitu menguji hati Dnt.Program yang tidak mudah diuruskan. Meskipun ada kekurangan, tetapi Dnt berpuas hati dan berterima kasih kepada komiti-komiti khususnya komiti malam amal yang bertungkus lumus menjayakan program ini

    A very special thanks to the programme manager, Br. Adam Syamil for your commitment and dedication towards the work!

    Not to forget Kumpulan Syababul Islam..you guys have done a very good performance...

    My very special central committees, Lawsoc and everyone involved..tq so much

    -Da'wah & Tarbiyyah untuk semua-



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