17 March 2009

Pilihan Da'ie Kecil (PILDACIL)

Salam Everyone!!

Firstly, i would like to take this opportunity to say Happy Celebration on Maulud Nabi Peace Be Upon Him. In conjunction with this celebration, a programme named PILDACIL was held by LAWSOC 08/09 in collaboration with Mahallah Safiyyah and this sort of programme was the first ever being organised in IIUM. PILDACIL is basically a programme whereby a young child stands in front of the public and conveys a sermon with a convincing manner. Many students from various religious schools participated for this event. From this event, I hope there will be more of our young lads do come forward and become one of the greatest daie in the future, Ins/Allah..

1 comment:

  1. salam.

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful pictures!rnd is the best!

    A very special thanks i dedicated to the programme manager, sis raihan mustapha kamal for your tremendous efforts and hard works..i apologize for any shortcomings on behalf of central commiitees..

    Terima kasih juga untuk yang sudi hadir memeriahkan program dnt ini...mudah-mudahan ada keberkatan atau ibrah yang diperolehi

    Salam maulidur rasul

    ~ Da'wah & Tarbbiyyah untuk semua~



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