17 August 2009

Mooters V Debaters & Others???

Salam to all readers!!!

The AIKOL FESTIVAL 09' has ended marvelously and now, the momentum has cooled down but yet the show must goes on. For the first time ever, Law Students' Society 08/09 has organised a programme named " Mooters V Debaters & Others???" last Thursday at the Moot Court. One of the main objectives of having this sort of programme are to introduce,promote the soft skills of AIKOL students in debating, mooting and others.

Using the theme " We care, We share", Law Students' Society 08/09 under the Moots & Legal Skills Secretariat has gathered seven different well-established students' societies and clubs, which have contributed a lot and achieved numerous awards, comprising of IIUM Mooting Team, National Client Counseling Team, Alternative Dispute Resolution's Society (ADR),Tan Sri Ahmad Ibrahim Legal Research Group(TAILERAG), English Debating Club, Malay Debating Club and also Arabic & Public Speaking Club. All of the speakers invited on that night are represented by AIKOL students who have participated and become members for quite some time. From this programme, it is hoped that it will create a new interest particularly in the souls of fresh and young students.

Feel free and do not hesitate to join these clubs at anytime!!!

Representative from Malay Debating Club

IIUM Mooting Team's representative

ADR Society

Speaker for the English Debating Club


National Client Counseling Team

Arabic Debating & Public Speaking Club

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