10 August 2009

Family Day

Hello AIKOLians!!!

This was the first programme of the AIKOLFEST 09' and it was a great and fine day to kick off the opening ceremony of AIKOLFEST 09' together with the Family Day. It was officially launced by our former dean of AIKOL at the Stadium Hamzah Male Sport Complex. A lot of programmes were organised such as Sukaneka, Colouring Contest, Tug of War and so on. The day before the launching, we had a REWANG (actually I don't know where this term comes from), a goat and buffalo were slaughtered. Enough with my report, so guys, just enjoy these pictures!!!!

"Don't just stand there, help them lah..."

"Hello!! Ya, I'm busy lah holding leg..not my leg, buffalo's leg.."

Female students busy with their usual "stuff"

"Awwhhh, so cute!!!!.."

Lecturers were also there helping out

Central committees of AIKOLFEST 09'

Participants on that day

Guests having a look at the REWANG's site

"Quick, quick...!!!"

Facial expression shows everything,haha..

One of my greatest shot on that day

Filling up empty stomach

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