11 August 2009

In Person with Prof. Harry Roque

Hello peeps!!!

After having all the excitement from the various programmes held for the past few weeks, AIKOL FESTIVAL 09' also has not forgotten to organise an academic programme which had been a tradition for the previous years. For this year's programme "In Person with..", AIKOL FESTIVAL 09' proudly invited a well-known and international speaker, Prof. Harry Roque, an expert of International Humanitarian Law. This would be the first time an international speaker was invited for the AIKOL FESTIVAL to give a talk on issues relating to armed conflict. A great opportunity must be grabbed by the AIKOL students!!!

The distinguished guest

Moderator for the talk, Prof. Abdul Ghafur Hamid

Prof. Harry Roque answering questions during the Q & A session

One of the audience posted question to the speaker

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