04 January 2011


Alhamdulillah, we thanks Allah s.w.t for make this event run smoothly, finally we manage to conduct Lawsoc Open Day that was held today 4th January 2011 at Lawsoc's office successfully. Thanks a lot to Aikolian who came and joint us and not to forget, also to all EXCOs and sub-committees who lend their shoulders during this event so that this event came to the end. Special thanks to representatives from Kulliyyah Base Society (KBS) and Students' Representative Council (SRC) who spend their time to come and support us at LAWSOC today. We hope that this programme may closer the gap between us, Insya Allah. Though this event had end, but we always welcome Aikolian to visit us at our office.
~pray to Allah s.w.t to bless us and what we had done.

a warm welcome banner 


 ~ Chairperson of Welfare secretariat LAWSOC,bro Muhd Danial Izzat with Chairperson of Welfare Secretariat SRC 2009/2010 (also from Aikol constituency) sis Izyan Hazwani.

~Representatives from Kulliyyah base Society (KBS) with LAWSOC's Financial Controller,
 bro. Izzat Ghazali

  ~ lucky draw time...bro. Afif annouce the winner


~finally...we got a happy memories to share with you...thank you for coming...

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