11 January 2011


Date: 10th January 2011
Venue: Moot Court,Aikol

* the games will be played at Mahallah Ali field.Only the final match and closing ceremony will be held at IIUM Stadium.
~some of the pictures. Enjoy.

~AFC 2011~
now begin....

~our VIP, Dr Haniff with bro. Izzat and AFC's mainboard.


~multimedia presentation.

*we hope that all players will take a good care of  their health due to raining season. play but don't forget about your study (especially those who have tutorial, don't 'tuang' your tutorial as well as solat,as what
Dr. Haniff said in his speech). play with gaming spirit but not just for victory alone. take this opportunity to strengthen our brotherhood. Ukuwaah fillah.

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  1. haha!comel!its not TUNGGANG,its actually TUANG :))



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