20 January 2009

Bai'ah Ceremony

Now,the day that we all are waiting for has arrived!! We had our Bai'ah Ceremony on 9th January 09 though some of us were not feeling well on that day*including me myself*, the scene has to moved on. It was the day for all EXCO members of Lawsoc 08/09 taking part for the bai'ah session. At first instance, we were proud to be appointed but later we realised the duties and burdens vested are unimaginable at all.. So wish all the best to the new tenure..Gambate!!!

As if they are getting ready for a dance...

Female EXCOs..

"Everyone,take your position.."

"And finally action..!!"

Up(left to right): Nora, Dila, Mas, Raden, Waqi, Ain, Izyan Hazwani
Bottom(right to left): Aishah, Arasy, Ahmad, Asyraf,Che Ma, Izyan, Kak Mar

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