25 January 2009

Quran At Heart

Salam everyone!!!

Recently, Da'wah and Tarbiah Secretariat of LAWSOC 08/09 has organised a programme named "Quran At Heart" on Wednesday 29th January 2009 and was officially launched by the Dean of AIKOL, Professor Dato' Dr. Zaleha binti Kamarudin. The main objectives are to attract the interest of AIKOL students in understanding and appreciating Al-Quran as the main guide throughout our life so that we can enhance the best inner qualities that we possessed.

The nature of the programme is that there will be groups consisting of several AIKOL students who are going to memorise selected Surah every week and being supervised by naqib ie huffaz among the AIKOL students. Therefore, I hope this programme will be a great turn-out and can achieve a huge benefit to all of us, Insya/Alllah.

"May we help you?"

The so-called "Handymen"

Recitation of Surah Al-Fath by one of the Huffaz

The Dean of AIKOL Professor Dato' Dr. Zaleha binti Kamarudin

the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs receiving token of appreciation from Lawsoc President 08/09

The advisor for the programme Ustaz A'bdullahi

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  1. salam

    This is the first DNT Programme for Lawsoc tenure 2008/2009.I am very grateful to Allah for his bless and mercy granted me such strength to organize this very special program

    It is like to have the 'first baby' of DNT!i pray to Allah that this programme will succeed until the end f DNT tenure

    A very special thanks to all my DnT committees..you guys mean a lots to Dnt!and my lawsoc family for the support!

    [Da'wah & Tarbiyyah untuk semua]



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