23 January 2009

Tunas Impian-Ice Breaking


Sunday was supposed to be holiday to all students for them to have revision or so called "eye-resting" but not for some of us bcoz on 18th Januay 2009 we had this one-day programme.TUNAS IMPIAN is a programme organised by AIKOL in collaboration with a NGO named PEWANIDA,an organisation to help single mothers in raising their children throughout Malaysia. This is a one-year project so we still have a lot of sub-programmes coming soon and ice-breaking is one of them.

Basically*typical word* the aims of this sub-programme are to get along with the children and share some beneficial experiences. There a lot of photos taken during this ice-breaking so I only posted some of the good one.Enjoy...!!

"Adik- adik,sebetulnya abang sangat sayang kat korang semua..."

Listening the speech..

The young generation..

Trainer with his marvelous kids..

Cute-little trainers..

Heyy!! Look at the camera!!

"You all look so purple lah.."

Peace to all mankind..

1st place from behind..

"Where is the prize?"

2nd runner-up...

"Can you spot where the trainers are??"

"And here is our champion..!!"

All black..well almost..

Hugs and tears*huhu*

Thanks to all of the committees!!

P/s: for those who are interested for other pictures,please do inform me,Bro R'n'D..

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