28 January 2009

Aikol Football Championship

Football!!! The event that we have been waiting has come. Everyone is now eager for this programme especially the male student. Aikol Football Championship, formerly known as Aikol Champions League, is set to be one of the phenomenal and exciting events this year. Positive response from the AIKOLians shows that this pogramme is the most awaited one every year.

The programme was launched on 14th January 2009 by Dr Mohd Azam Othman. This year event consists 8 teams including one invitational team. It is scheduled to be held on 19th Januay 2009 until 15th February 2009. The grand finale will be held on 15th February 2009. May the best team win!! Let us pursue the glory!!

Anarchy FC

The Oranje FC

Sailang FC

The Galaxy FC

The Benchwarmers FC

King 7 FC

Hamas FC

Res Gestae

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