20 January 2009

Gaza Under Siege

The main issue which is currently discussed throughout the world is the aggression of the Zionist against the Muslim in Gaza which sacrificed a great number of innocent people particulary infants,women and elderly. Therefore,this programme was first initiated to create a substantial awareness among the AIKOLian concerning the issue of Gaza. It was held for one week starting from 6-12 January 2009. RM1 Campaign was also done and at the end of the day we managed to collect the total donation amounting more than 5,000RM. We would like to thank to all students of AIKOLians for their great support.

Enjoying the meal for Iftar..

Still have time for a shot..

the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs with Lawsoc President 08/09..

the speaker of the night..

Solat Hajat..

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